Bitcoin Vanity address Generator Guide

Step by step guide

  1. Choose the address format -  Bitcoin has 3 different address formats at the Mainnet, each with different properties. The most important properties are only briefly listed here: Legacy is the oldest format, there are usually higher fees, it depends on your wallet whether you can set the transaction fees. P2SH addresses allow lower fees and more complex payments such as multi-signatures. SegWit Bech32 is the latest format and is recommended as it allows the lowest transaction fees, but no capital letters are allowed. 
  2. Choose your prefix - Here you can choose the word or string you want to have in your vanity address. Just check if your desired characters fit the address format! Special characters are of course not allowed!
  3. Public Key - Here you need to insert your compressed public key. In Electrum wallet click on "View" -> "Show Addresses" -> Click on the Button "Addresses" at the header, choose one of the addresses and Label it e.g. "key for vanityaddr". Click with the right mouse button on this labeled address again and choose "Details", it shows the public key (WIF compressed). Copy the public key or scan it as QR-Code and paste it into a note! 
  4. Email Address - Enter your email address here to receive your invoice and the partial key with the vanity address.
  5. Accept Captcha and Policies - Solve the capture, accept the terms and conditions. Confirm the order by clicking on continue!
  6. Checkout - Finish the order process with the payment, pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Paypal you will now receive an invoice by mail. As soon as the order is paid, your desired address will be start calculating! 
  7. Key-Merging - Your vanity address has been found and you have received an email with your address and the partial private key. Click with the right mouse button on the Button "Key Merging" and select 'Open Link in private window', then switch your computer or smartphone OFFLINE! Paste your vanity address into the first line, your partial private key into the second line.

    Open Electrum Wallet and get the private key of the labeled address. Click with the right mouse button on this labeled address and choose "private key", by entering your password it shows the private key beginning with "L" or "K",  you can show it as QR-Code to import this private key into your favorite mobile wallet. Copy this private key and enter it into the third form of the key merging tool. Click on 'Merge keys' and you will get your final private key to your Vanity address.
  8. Import the vanity address- final private key into a Wallet - Basically, any wallet can be used that has an import function for WIF-compressed (Wallet Import Format) keys. Depending on your Wallet it shows only one Address type that might not be your vanity address.

    Import the final private key into the Electrum Wallet:  Open Electrum, click on "Wallet" -> "Private Key" -> "Import". To import a specific address type (from the final key) write this in front of the final key: "p2pkh:" for legacy, "p2wpkh-p2sh:" for P2SH" and "p2wpkh:" for Bech32 native Segwit.

    For Android I recommend the Mycelium or Bluewallet app. At the Mycelium wallet, go to the account overview and click on the upper right corner on the key symbol with the plus, on the next page you can import the final key from a QR-code or from the cache. Go to the account of the imported final private key, tap on the QR-code of the address to switch between the three formats P2SH, legacy & bech32.

    Import to the Bluewallet: Open Bluewallet, tap on the plus in the right upper corner, tap on "import wallet", paste the final private key and press "import". Bluewallet shows the Legacy Address by default when importing the WIF key, but if there are funds on the P2SH or Bech32 address it shows the corresponding address.